After spending the late 90s as an animator for the critically acclaimed Will Vinton Studios (Now Laika), the early 2000’s chasing storms and swells in-between his studies at Brooks Institute of Photography; Justin Myers has spent more than two decades solving visual problems and telling stories with a camera.

Today, Justin resides in Portland, OR with his wife and son, focusing on assignment work ranging from the outdoors to technology and the people that make the world a better place. He works with a large variety of brands from NIKE to INTEL and Columbia Sportswear to Merrill Lynch. Justin is known to relish the challenges each shoot brings and thrives on the creativity of making each project shine despite obstacles.

Clients Include:  NIKE, Converse, Danner, DeMarini, adidas, Columbia Sportswear, SOREL, R/West, NEMO, FLIR, INTEL, Oregon Lottery, US Bank, Bridgeport Brewing, Tonkin, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Merrill Lynch, Conde Nast, Saga City, Portland Monthly, Portland Bride and Groom